In China, the acceptance procedure for registering trademark office is relatively easy, and no registered capital is necessary. Therefore, many foreign investors will decide to develop their business in China initially.  Even though the law does not enable the workplace to be engaged in direct performance, it does not follow that the office cannot be engaged in any economic activity. And the title of the representative office must follow the format country/region title + company name+ office.

First, the company should fulfill the Following requirement before they can set up overseas representative office:

  • The foreign enterprise must have registered legally in its neighborhood country.
  • The foreign enterprise should be founded at least two decades or more in the country in which it is located.
  • The foreign enterprise should have Superior business reputation.
  • The enterprise should have mended place of business.
  • The enterprise should appoint one chief representative.
  • Second, the files and time are required for establishing representative office.
  • Foreign enterprise should offer the Evidence of residence and lawful business for over two consecutive years.
  • representative office registration

    Foreign corporate charter or organization agreement.

  • The appointment file of main representative.
  • The identity and restart of chief representative or representatives.
  • Certificate of its credit value Issued by financial institution that they have business trade.
  • The evidence of legitimate use of representative office location.

The above files and documents should be Written or published in Chinese. After in foreign language version, the Chinese translation version attachment will be needed by every approval authorities. Without the sign to submit copy, all of the files should be in first copies. According to the requirement annual return hong kong to submit copies, they need to be stamped with official seal by applicants and signaled the same with first ones.