High anonymity and effectiveness with BestMixer.io

The cryptocurrency got its name because of the use of decentralized cryptographic elements. Decentralization of the system offers the high anonymity for all users. At the same time, it is possible to increase it more. Use the BestMixer.io to break the connection between the receiver and sender.

Cryptocurrency emission process

The release of any cryptocurrency is called mining. The issue of this money is called that way because any electronic money has more in common with precious metals, rather than with traditional currencies. The process of mining works this way:


  • A user wishing to issue virtual money installs on his personal computer special software for mining
  • Specialized softwaresolves certain algorithms
  • When an algorithm solution is found, a new block is created in the block system
  • The miner or miners who created the new block receive a certain amount of electronic coins for this.

Mining of any cryptocurrency becomes more complicated with time. Thereby, the more blocks are created, the more complex algorithms need to be solved in order to receive new coins. Therefore, new cryptocurrency is much easier to mint than Bitcoin (which require very large computing powers). However, this gives less profit.

Mixing bitcoins with BestMixer.io

Mixing bitcoins is the process that gives even more anonymity, than the cryptocurrency system itself. While the users can see the transactions inside the system, when mixing bitcoins during the exchange, it is impossible to find the addressee.